Artist of the Week: Bindu Morjaria

I accept commissions and showcase my work through the following links:
Instagram: @bindugm_art
Bindu on Harrow Open Studios
I enjoy trying new experimental ideas and actively pursue educating myself further in order to create exciting new works in clay, canvas or paper. I love the process of creating a piece of work, from the idea, to paper or clay to working through the concept. This can take many weeks if it’s sculpture or a ceramic piece or just a few hours if it is resin work.

During this lockdown I have been exploring concepts relating to our Universe, influenced by pictures from NASA. Creating stars, nebulas and ‘galactic’ themed artwork on canvas with inks and resin to put on your wall to enjoy. As an artist I want to keep how fragile our ecosystems are in the forefront of people’s minds. I have entered and donated a painting to Explorers Against Extinction to auction for charity and am hoping to do more of that in the future. The painting I have entered is called Under the Sea. It is about the threat to the teaming wildlife of our corals due to many issues.