Artswati London


Studio 3

Open 11am-6pm:

Sat 3rd SunĀ 4th Mon 5th Sat 10th Sun 11th

Artswati is a visual artist of Indian origin, based in London. Her work is about pure luminous, deep set colours in all their depth and luminosity, stylised on the ethics of modern minimalism. She is interested in the dissolution of matter and its conversion into ‘spirit’, surrendering the world of objects to find a single unity and transcendental interconnectedness in all things. Her purpose is to evoke a feeling of fluidity and emotion. To achieve this she seeks to look into the depths of radiance within colour instead of the colour surface.

6 Woodlands, London Road
Harrow HA1 3JG


Bus: H17, Roxeth Hill
Tube: Harrow on the Hill