Batool Showghi in The Singularity of Peace Exhibition

www.singularityofpeace.comRunning from September 13th until October 14th

The Forgotten Heroes 1419 Foundation presents two exhibitions at the event surrounding the theme of conflict, peace, inclusion and resolution. The first part of the exhibition is aimed to give a free platform for young emerging artists from all backgrounds to display their work.

Featured artists: Aziz Anzabi, Batool Showghi, Celia Toler, Kate Lowe, Maciej Jedrzejewski, Patrick Altes,
Stephen Williams.

The second part of the exhibition will showcase key pages from The Unknown Fallen book in the hopes of
commemorating some of the forgotten soldiers of World War I. This exhibition also features the 15 winners
from the Never Such Innocence International competition. Luc Ferrier (the author) stumbled on his grandfather’s war journal seven years ago and was stunned to read glowing testimonials regarding Muslim soldiers, their bravery and commitment to the Allied Forces. Seeking clarification, Luc delved into history books but found little information on the topic. This sent him on a 6 year odyssey spanning 19 countries where he was able to examine military, diplomatic and private archives, including diaries and letters.

Opening hours: 10am to 5.30pm every day
Uthink Creative
Riverside Building
Manbré Wharf
Manbré Road
Hammersmith W6 9WA

For more information, please visit the website