Harrow Open Studios celebrates tenth anniversary in 2017

A total of 39 artists will be exhibiting, including 10 new artists.

One of Artswati’s paintings provides the cover for this year’s brochure. Her work is about pure luminous, deep set colours in all their depth and luminosity and can be seen at her studio near Harrow on the Hill.

Marcia Kuperberg, based in Stanmore, says she goes from one extreme to another: painting in black and white to painting in vivid crazy colours, “The paintings seem to sing from the canvas and almost explode with colour” she says.

Ruth Cohen is a contemporary jewellery designer with her studio in Kenton. She has a passion for fashion and statement jewellery. “I create one off statement sculptural pieces of jewellery that are felt and look like wearing kinetic art”, she says, “and I use many different techniques and all kinds of materials”.

Emima Coroama, is an ambitious 20-year-old is hoping to create her own business after displaying her art works at a pop-up shop. She lives in Hatch End and has recently completed an arts and design course at Harrow College. “People have already asked me to create art for them, and someone wants me to do 15-20 paintings, so it is going really well”. Her work will be on display at West House in Pinner Memorial Park.

Harrow Open Studios Annual Exhibition at the Harrow Arts Centre’s Gallery and corridors is on view throughout May.