Introducing Judith Simmons new artist for 2018

Judith introduces herself:

“I have always been interested in Art and had the opportunity 19 years ago to take an ‘A’ level in it at the school in which I worked. Shortly after that, while continuing to teach Biology, a vacancy arose in the Art Department and I was asked to cover the research project work of the ‘AS’ and ‘A’ level courses. This stretched my academic Art knowledge and brought about a desire to study the subject and I took a degree in History of Art at Birkbeck College, University of London.

I have taken a variety of classes in painting, sculpture and print-making. Now, I mostly concentrate on Printmaking and, since 1999, I have attended classes and used studio facilities at the University of Hertfordshire and have exhibited with other artists in that circle.

I enjoy working in varied media including etching, lino-cut, screenprint and colograph, on their own and in combination.

My inspiration comes from a range of sources, such as animals, landscape and architecture, but always things I have seen. I utilise photographs and drawings often combining images. My work has been shown in three group exhibitions at Lauderdale House in Highgate and solo exhibitions at The Purcell School and at ‘Romeo Jones’ in Dulwich. My prints are produced in very small editions – usually less than 10 copies of any image”