About us

Harrow Open Studios is an independent and diverse group of over 45 artists.

The organisation is run by its members and generously supported by local sponsorship. We aim to build links with the community and to increase awareness of the work of artists in and around Harrow.

Contact us

For further information please feel free to email us at: info@harrowopenstudios.com

Steering Committee

Chair: Ushma Walsh
Treasurer: Achal Kapoor
Secretary: Kate Thomas and Humay Jairazbhoy
Advertising and Sponsorship: Zalina Dewan
Brochure Design: Helena Thomas
Database Management: Colette Moscrop
Locations Managers: Nicole Lyster and Lizzy Chambers
Membership Secretary: Helen Foster-Turner
Social Media Secretary: Harinder Sahota
HAC liaison: Cheryl Gould
Social Secretary: Riecha Kapoor
Web Designer: Samantha Harvey

More information

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Harrow Open Studios’ Constitution