Artist of the Week: Anthony Wildig

Gallery (by appointment):
The Old Bakery, 53 Park Road, Bushey, WD23 3EE
t: 020 8950 6498

I find pleasure in carrying on the very British tradition of watercolour painting, and it has proved to be the ideal medium for me to capture the landscape and coastline around Britain.

Trees have always held a fascination for me and seem to feature in much of my work. A love of wood has been part of my life through working with timber in my cabinet making and furniture restoration business.

In the past I have had the experience of painting in remote parts of the Yorkshire Dales and the white sandy beaches and barren moorland in the Outer Hebrides. I like the freshness and spontaneity of working in front of the subject, but invariably finish the painting in the studio where the time lapse has served to make adjustments.

One of my favourite watercolours has to be the avenue of lime trees in Cassiobury Park, Watford. Walking there between those towering trees knowing they were planted over 300 years ago is truly inspiring. My favourite painting ? – probably a touch of nostalgia remembering walks of my youth.