Artist of the Week: Cheryl Gould

My drawings are the threads that weave my ideas together and breathe life into my sculpture.  I work with a variety of media including glass, often based on mythological themes, reflecting my interest in theatre, dance, masks and magic. 

To book for my Hosted Life Drawing sessions online:

I: @artistcherylgould
F: @LifeDrawingWithCheryl
F: @LifeDrawingWithCherylGroup

For more information about Cheryl visit her Harrow Open Studios page here.

Pip & Pocket – Pair of solid resin Harlequin figures – coloured to order if required.approx 13”x8″
Harry Ramshorn ( new commission) ceramic (work in progress)
‘Mythical Masks -Delos’- unique sand cast glass+porcelain figure & gold leaf



‘Night Swimmers- keeping distance’ -Unique sandcast glass +steel & reclaimed wood