Christine Spring


Studio 16

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I am a painter and illustrator and work in a variety of mediums, including oils, acrylics and watercolours. I am very happy to accept commissioned work and I can be contacted on my e-mail address.

I was born in London and studied at St Martins School of Art. I went on to be a Greeting Card Artist for Academy Cards until I had my two daughters. I then went into education and I have been an art teacher in senior state school and the independent sector for many years. I currently run my own adult classes. I have produced commissioned artwork in many different mediums and subjects, which have included portraits, animals, landscapes, still life and work from imagination. I have produced scenery for many theatre productions and also murals, works for advertising, book illustrations and printed pictures for the Marks and Spencer Gallery etc.

My work has been included in art exhibitions In America, Hong Kong and the UK.