Kavita Sagar

Mixed Media Artist

Studio 10

OPEN 10am-5pm on:

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Kavita is a Mixed Media Artist. She has lived in several countries staring her journey in India and finally bringing her to London, this has helped her expand her horizons and to evolve as a very unique Contemporary Artist.
She is inspired by the world around her, from the changing colours in the sky during the day, to the beauty of wildlife and the dazzling natural wonders that occur around us with every passing second.
She also finds inspiration from antique objects, because art is timeless, and the sense of being vintage gives you the awareness that art is constantly being regenerated to form memories for generations to come.
She works with different mediums and styles as it reflects the complexity of emotions one experiences living in the world today. This is combined with a variety of techniques that enables her to achieve the desired results and express herself through art.
Whilst her initial speciality was painting, over the years she has explored a diverse range of mediums, following her creative instinct to let it flow and take her in new and exciting directions. In turn, this has allowed her to develop over 100 techniques and specialist skills that she continues to use today.