Khilna Shah

Painter, Illustrator, Mixed Media

Studio 12

OPEN 10am-5pm on:

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As a super creative all rounder, Khilna is deeply passionate about the arts and has exhibited her work and raised money for charity through art auctions. It wasn’t always this way. Khilna fought her way to do art. Having moved countries at the age of 16. Her mum made the decision to move from Kenya back to the UK in 3 weeks, having packed everything up, she never brought any artwork back with her. As she didn’t have anything to show, she was set a challenge to draw in a sketchbook everyday for a month. She did! And the rest in history.  Khilna is incredibly nurturing and super passionate about teaching abstract art techniques to people at any artistic level to help them release their emotions and bear their soul onto canvas. Canvas being canvas or even a piece of piece of paper.

Khilna inherited her talent from her parents. Coming from an Asian background has been incredibly lucky that her family has supported her in pursuing her creativity. Khilna has 2 businesses. A personalised gifts company where she helps loved ones feel even more loved through meaningful and bespoke gifting. She helps individuals and corporates with their company gifting.  The other creating and selling one off feature Art pieces to make your interiors pop with colour.  Khilna has sold her art to lawyers, accountants, healers and even global with her work reaching the US and Canada.

Khilna is creating a beautiful community of people who have a keen interest in learning abstarct art techniques. People of any level of artistic abilities can come and learn different skills and techniques with a view of learning to create their own abstract art. Everyone is an artist inside of them, if you’d love to see how join the community, Click here …