Artist of the Week: Batool Showghi

Batool Showghi was born in Iran and moved to England in 1985. Batool received a merit for her MA in Design & Media Arts from the University of Westminster in 1997 just after finishing her BA honours. In 2001 she received a Certificate of Education from the University of Westminster. While continuing her art practice, she taught at Harrow College from 1998 until 2015 as a part time lecturer. Since then she has dedicated her time to her art and exhibiting her work in both solo and group exhibitions in England and abroad.

Batool’s artwork is concerned with her cultural heritage, memory, identity and loss.

Her work moves between photography, illustration, painting, and textiles evolving from single images to books, images in boxes and larger mixed media pieces.

In her recent works, Batool is more concerned with the social, economic and political situation which affects more people in the Middle East resulting in disintegration of the family and the experience of displacement.
She uses photography and mixed media for this transposition. The thread and stitching symbolize restrictions of movement and confinement.

Have a look at Batool’s Harrow Open Studios profile to see more of her work.

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