Doodle Art & Design Workshops with Ashima Kumar

Doodle Art & Design Workshops with Ashima Kumar

Ashima Kumar is an artist, coach and trainer, who uses doodle art as a tool for mindfulness and to relieve stress.

The Doodle Art & Design sessions were born out of deep personal exploration and research into doodle art. Over the years, Ashima has developed a unique personal style that fuses doodle art with traditional and digital media. She utilises elements from this style to impart tools for well-being.

The sessions combine simple art forms, repetitive patterns and detailed instructions to help attendees discover unconscious thoughts, improve focus and enhance cognition. In the process the participants experiences reduced levels of stress. The tools provided are meditative and expressive in nature and lead to an overall sense of well-being and accomplishment.

The sessions / workshops are designed for both children and adults.
Every class is for 90 min, once a week
Group classes

For more details or to book:
or text: 07984639002