Angel of Peace by Antonella Sands

Angel of Peace by Antonella Sands

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Medium: mixed media (pastel pencils, watercolour pencils and acrylics)
Dimensions: 50 cm height x 40 cm width, framed
Price: £350

When I created Angel of Peace, I intended to convey a feeling of calm and hope. This picture was drawn at the very beginning of the lockdown, a time of uncertainty and confusion but also a time to reflect and to find inner calm. I used mainly pastels and watercolour pencils to portray the angel with soft and ethereal tones and I used acrylics to paint the tree in full bloom. It represents the need to restore harmony, equality, peace, and brotherhood in our society.

About Antonella

Antonella Sands is a versatile artist, illustrator, and educator who works on various projects including book/products illustrations and portraits commissions. She developed a passion for drawing and art at an early age with a special fascination for people and surrealistic, fantasy imaginaries. She uses a variety of mediums, including acrylic, pastel, watercolour pencils, and inks but she particularly enjoys drawing which allows her to create images in a way that she can express the beauty and the unseen that lie beyond conventional forms. My art is an expression of my soul journey: it incorporates personal stories, memories, states of mind and dreams

Antonella will be exhibiting in Studio 34, you can find out more by visiting her page by clicking here.

Watch this video to learn more about Antonella’s practice


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