Colours of Coral Nesting Bowls by Kim Davies

Colours of Coral Nesting Bowls by Kim Davies

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Medium: Ceramic
Dimensions: 22cm x15 cm (see below for details)
Price: £145

Four high fired, food safe nesting bowls. These are hand made with food safe glaze inside, but the outside is painted in slip, with rough texture embossed and scratched with no glaze, which helps give a more rustic natural feel.

The largest bowl is 22cm in diameter and 15cm high/ deep
The medium bowl is 17 cm in diameter and 12 cm high/deep
The small bowl is 10 cm in diameter and 8 cm high/deep
The very small bowl is 6.5cm in diameter and 5cm high/ deep

My colours and textures both inside and out were inspired by the texture and colours of corals found in the ocean.

These can be used for show in ones home, but are also practical, as they are functional pieces that can be used for salads, hot foods, dips, nuts, snacks and more.

To purchase this piece email Kim:, or call: 07931 346266

Kim will exhibit at Studio 22, click here to find out more.

About Kim

I am a mother and potter and I live in Northwood. Before I had children, I was a graphic designer and have always loved being creative.

Around 12 years ago, I decided to take an adult evening course in pottery, as I needed a creative outlet. I loved it so much and this started my love and obsession with pottery.

I did try throwing, but never enjoyed it as much as hand building. I love coiling both from scratch , or starting with a mould and then growing the piece with coils. I am also known for my hand embossed swirls, that are on many of my larger salad platters and bowls.

I also make large sculptural pieces, that are inspired by the shapes, texture and colours of corals found in the ocean.


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