Damas by Kavita Sagar

Damas by Kavita Sagar

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Medium: Mixed Media
Dimensions: 100cm x 100cm on box canvas
Price: £450 plus postage

This painting was made with various mediums and layers to give a feature wall look. The idea of this was to have a feature painting instead of having featured wall. One of the features of the painting is to give an embossed and 3D look.

To purchase this piece contact Kavita by email: kavita@my.com.

Kavita is at Studio 10, click here to find out more.

About Kavita

I am a contemporary ‘Mixed Medium Artist’ who has a Masters in Fine Arts in 2004, and more recently, a Doctorate in 2012 for Post Modernism and the Contemporary Art. I have dedicated my life to art and it has rewarded me in kind, enriching me emotionally and spiritually, something I hope others can see in my work. I am inspired by the world around me, from the changing colours in the sky during the day, to the beauty of wildlife and the dazzling natural wonders that occur around us with every passing second. I also find inspiration from antique objects, because art is timeless, and the sense of being vintage gives you the awareness that art is constantly being regenerated to form memories for generations to come.


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