Dancing in the Golden Rain by Sheenum Sibal

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Medium: Mixed media – fabric/acrylic/gold foil
Dimensions: 86cm x 62cm
Price: £300

A beautiful wall art of a dervish doing a meditative dance called – Sama. The fabric whirling sufi on a textured background depicting rain representing a symbolic journey to reach a state of euphoria or feeling of intense happiness which one feels when they connect with god or a loved one. The dervish has been created using silk fabric and threads.

To purchase this piece email Sheenum: sheenum9@gmail.com or call her on: 07708 907367

Samantha will exhibit at Studio 29, click here to find out more.

About Sheenum

I am a self taught, mixed media artist, who likes to take the road less travelled. I make exquisite pieces of art from fabric pieces without usually using an iota of paint.
Each piece is made meticulously with fabric and threads introducing shades and tints that make it a perfect complete picture. I have been working on this unique technique for several years and I like to follow the moment without any preconceived ideas. I find my work meditative and thoroughly enjoy both the journey and the final outcome.
When asked how long a piece takes, I wonder how would one measure the time spent in playing with children or praying in the company of a close friend.

Watch this video to learn more about Sheenum’s practice


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