Frog Trinket Box by Helena Thomas

Frog Trinket Box by Helena Thomas

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Medium: Glazed Stoneware Clay
Dimensions: 10m wide x 7cm tall
Price: £65

This Frog Trinket Box was inspired by the view from one of my garden studio’s windows of my murky frog pond! My children and I look forward to spotting frog spawn in spring as we know that we have weeks of water-watching ahead. A whole life cycle in a few gallons of water and weeds!

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Helena will exhibit at Studio 16, click here to find out more.

About Helena

I would describe myself as a city dwelling country girl – whilst spending many years working in London following a career in publishing design, as a farmer’s daughter my heart is fuelled by all things natural and hand crafted. I work from my cabin studio, next to an unkempt plant and creature filled pond at the bottom of my garden, I am both calmed and driven by the natural beauty that surrounds me. 

As an experienced designer and art director, I have worked across a broad range of magazines over the years – from client-based contract publishing to fast paced newspaper weeklies, from glossy interior monthlies to glamorous haute-couture and stylish textile specials.

After a decade of raising a family and exploring other areas of art and design, such as print making and ceramics, I am growing these budding creative seeds while also nurturing on going design projects. After all what better combination to inspire me than the plants waving at me through the studio windows and wondering which ones will end up being pressed, drawn or crafted into clay!



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