Highland Farm by Anthony Wildig

Highland Farm by Anthony Wildig

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Medium: watercolour
Dimensions: 35 cm x 25 cm
Price: £180

I paint mainly in watercolour. This medium was ideal to capture the time worn character of stone and the rusty corrugated iron roof. These abandoned buildings are typically found in N. E. Scotland and my regular visits have provides the opportunity to explore the countryside in search of inspiration. The painting was worked in the Studio where time allowed me to pay attention to detail.

I use a watercolour technique where thin washes applied on white paper can create a fresh transparent layer of pigment and successive washes can build up a darker tone.

To purchase this piece email Anthony: anthony.wildig1@gmail.com

Anthony is resting in 2021, but you can find out more about him on his Harrow Open Studios page here by clicking here.

About Anthony

I find pleasure in carrying on the very British tradition of watercolour painting. If asked, I would have to describe myself as a landscape painter.

In the past I have had the experience of painting in remote parts of the Yorkshire Dales and the white sandy beaches and barren moorland in the Outer Hebrides. St. Ives and the rugged coastline and landscape of West Cornwall are a continuing source of inspiration. I like the freshness and spontaneity of working in front of the subjects, but invariably finish the painting in the studio.

For me the home environment is conducive for all forms of artistic expression. The former bakery has workshop space where I have carried out cabinet making and furniture restoration business.

Watch this video to learn more about Anthony’s studio and practice


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