Nebulosa by Bindu Morjaria

Nebulosa by Bindu Morjaria

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Medium: Mixed media: Resin, Alcohol Ink, Mica powder
Dimensions: 61 cm W x 61 cm H x 4 cm D
Price: £700

My love affair with deep space started early. Fed on a diet of Star Trek and Star Wars, I became fascinated by our Universe and its wonders.

Recently, encouraged by spectacular deep space pictures from NASA I wanted to bring indoors the wonders of colours, darkness, light, lacy patterns, the nebulous cloudy gases, and translate some of those on to canvas. This painting’s glossy nature, depending on where the light hits it, allows for reflections to shine on the canvas which add to the drama. What excites me most about this painting is that using Alcohol inks, Resin and Mica powders I was able to create layering effects enabling me to present a small galactic canvas for you to enjoy in your own living room.

To purchase this piece contact Bindu: 07881 381024

Bindu will exhibit in Studio 30 during the Harrow Open Studios event. Click here to find out more.

About Bindu

I am a British Indian artist based in London. Mostly self-taught, my love of fine drawing, painting and ceramics started at an early age.

I enjoy trying new experimental ideas and actively pursue educating myself further in order to create exciting new works of art whether they be in clay, canvas or paper.

I love vivid bright colours, how they work together, fuse, contrast and especially how they affect the viewer to lift their mood. Space, Nebulas and images from deep space really excite me but our tortoise Skylar does bring me down to earth with a death glare if there are no tomatoes in his lunch!

I have worked on several commissions and my work is held in private collections in India, Singapore, USA and UK. I am a member of Chandos Art Group, Harrow Open Studios and Pinner Sketch Club and have participated in their exhibitions.

Watch this video to learn more about Bindu’s practice


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