Pure and Perfect by Ashima Kumar

Pure and Perfect by Ashima Kumar

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Medium: Mixed media (pen, ink, gold leaf, digital rendering) on paper
Dimensions: 14.5×19.5″ (inch) (Framed), Framed size: 19.5″x23″
Price: £350

‘Pure and Perfect’ is a mixed media artwork on paper. It is representing the relationship between nature, people and possibilities.
Through the artwork, I want to convey that, we are surrounded by infinite possibilities and they are available to us all the time which can lead us to joy, freedom and hope. Many times, one cannot see them. Here the galloping Unicorn is giving us the eyes to see those possibilities, and the wisdom to take advantage of them. The emphasised colours, white and green represent the purity of the soul moving toward freedom and hope.

To purchase this piece contact Ashima by email: ashimagraphics@gmail.com

Ashima will be exhibiting in Studio 5, you can find out more about her Open Studios on her page by clicking here.

About Ashima

Ashima Kumar is a visual artist. Her style is a unique fusion of doodle art with traditional styles and digital media. Inspired by the traditional art forms and Zentangle (a mindful form of doodling), Ashima juxtaposes graphic simplicity with painterly strokes. Her serene artworks aim to “penetrate the deepest part of us where no words exist.”

She uses graphic forms and colour emotively as a translation of her dreams and private feelings. Always looking to transmute the experiential into visible patterns and abstract forms, Ashima sees her artistic practice as threefold: “dream, doodle, design.” Her artworks are spontaneous, as though she has transmitted her feelings directly onto paper through the mere act of breathing. The viewer discovers new things each time they look at the artwork.
She is inspired by nature, and her expressionist works reveal the messages that her communion with nature brings forth. A form gives an idea, this idea elicits another form, and everything concludes in shapes, figures, and objects.

Ashima produces fine artworks and runs ‘Doodle Art Workshops for Mindfulness’. She utilises elements from this style to impart tools for well-being. Ashima’s workshops help participants to discover unconscious thoughts, improve focus, reduce stress and boost creativity.


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