Star Burst by Kate  Thomas

Star Burst by Kate Thomas

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Medium: coloured ink on paper
Dimensions: 73cm x 52cm
Price: £250

This work started with dried allium flower heads cut from the garden. The shape of the flower heads were reminiscent of the starburst of fireworks. Starting with drawing and then adding colours in ink which give a saturated colour. As well as providing a contrast to the colour bursts the black background links to the night-sky, again referencing the idea of fireworks. The spaces between the colour bursts (the negative spaces) are as important as the busier areas of colours as they allow the eye to rest.

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Judith is at Studio 8, click here to find out more.

About Kate

Kate Thomas is a mixed media artist, using painting, printmaking and collage and combinations of these media.
Certain subjects recur in the work including landscapes, plants and birds. Concentrating on the constantly changing aspect of subjects, rather than a fixed moment in time. Printmaking in particular lends itself to experimentation in manipulating the images to achieve a transformed outcome.

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