Together we are One by Carmen Stahl

Together we are One by Carmen Stahl

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Medium: Stoneware and coloured slip
Dimensions: 28cm x 22cm
Price: not for sale

This is a hand built , coiled stoneware sculpture, I used paper resist and slip. The resist is a continuous line and the idea came from meditation experiences, where I search for explore my whole body for sensations.

Carmen will exhibit in Studio 3 during the Harrow Open Studios event. Click here to find out more.

About Carmen

The world is pregnant with possibility

My artwork takes inspiration from an array of things, often drawing on personal experiences and emotions, as well as the organic quality of nature, found textures and patterns. Reflecting on these emotional experiences of places or events within my life, the artwork becomes a metaphorical expression of these experiences. A variety of mediums, such as photography, drawing, printing and ceramics are used and often combined to create artworks. My process is to research, test and explore ways to create aspects of the subject matter. The transformation through the making and firing of the ceramic work adds an additional aspect of excitement.

Watch this video to learn more about Carmen’s practice


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