Art Lessons with Smita Sonthalia

Art classes for beginners and experienced artists, Smita will help you take your skills to the next level. Build your artistic abilities and nurture your creative side and have fun along the way. Smita’s students range from beginners to more advanced learners and she tailors her classes based on the expertise level of the cohorts that she forms.

The classes focus on creating a strong foundation, particularly for beginners. For example learning about shapes and forms, step-by-step guidance on how to draw and colour, what material is required, etc. Smita covers a range of art topics and styles such as sketching, drawing, painting and colouring using various media including pencil, ink, watercolour, pastel and paint (oil or acrylic). The emphasis is on the technique and concepts. Smita also teaches various art forms like folk art, figurative, floral and abstract and conducts dedicated workshops. This brings variety and keeps the excitement levels high.

Smita Sonthalia is an artist, art-teacher and a creative thinker, who blends extensive art experience with modern teaching style to deliver highly impactful art lessons. She has been teaching art for 20 years and has consistently been highly rated by her pupils.

“The classes really helped open my creative thinking”

“I am better able to focus and concentrate”

“I feel very relaxed when I am doing art with Smita”

“It is a lot of fun”

Group classes for children & adults at Harrow Arts Center

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text: 07377908365