Become a member of Harrow Open Studios

Artists working in all media who live or work in Harrow and the surrounding area are welcome to apply to join Harrow Open Studios. A high standard of varied and inspirational work is required.

Applications for our 2025 event are welcome from May 1st until September 30th.

Thank you for your interest in joining us. Applications for our 2025 event are open from May 1st 2024. Please read our criteria below before you apply. click on the link below to fill out our online form.

New Member online Application Form

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Recruitment Criteria

To join Harrow Open Studios your work must be of an appropriate standard reflecting the Group’s professional image and you must:

  1. be a practicing artist with a body of current work and over 18 years of age;
  2. have a Studio space in which to show your work, ideally this space will be accessible to as many people as possible.
  3. have an up-to-date web presence;
  4. have a social media presence;
  5. have well-managed email communication capability;
  6. be able to communicate about your work and explain your methods to a visitor;
  7. be willing to contribute time and resources to support the running of the Group
  8. subscribe to the general ethos of the Group as set out in the Constitution.

The Selection Committee usually undertake new member visits in September and October, subscription fees need to be paid in November, and new member details for the brochure need to be collected by January. The Selection committee will discuss your application with you on behalf of the entire group and notify you of the success or otherwise of your application after the panel have met at the end of October. The annual fee for membership is £75 (reviewed annually at the AGM).

Please note that different criteria, such as a requirement for a specific discipline, may also be taken into account when selecting new members. This is determined annually by our members who then direct the Selection Committee.

If you do not feel you meet the criteria but would still like to be part of and support the community of artists that make up Harrow Open Studios you may like to consider becoming a Friend of HOS