Artist of the Week: Antonella Sands

In 2020 I received the Ian Wright Graphic Award for my artwork Four Seasons from Harrow Art Society’s President, Cheryl Gould.

I believe creativity is the key to our inner self and well-being and that it connects us to our true self.

I developed a passion for drawing at an early age with a special fascination for people and surrealistic, fantasy imagery. I use a variety of media, including acrylic, pastel, watercolour pencils, and inks. My style is a mixture of different techniques, I particularly enjoy drawing which allows me to create images in a way that I can express the beauty and the unseen that lie beyond conventional forms.

I work on various projects, including book/product illustrations and portrait commissions. I am also the author and illustrator of the children’s book Dreams in a Box, published on Amazon in 2016, which supported children in need charities.

I have been teaching in different educational backgrounds for over 20 years, promoting self-expression and creativity. I also worked as a fashion designer and illustrator in Italy. I am a member of different art societies and my work has been displayed at their annual exhibitions and featured in local newspapers and magazines.

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