Artist of the Week: Carmen Stahl

The world is pregnant with possibility …

My artwork takes inspiration from an array of things, often drawing on personal experiences and emotions, as well as the organic quality of nature, found textures and patterns. Reflecting on these experiences of places, objects or events, the artwork becomes a metaphorical expression of them. A variety of mediums, such as photography, drawing, printing and ceramics are used and often combined to create my artworks.

My process is to test and explore ways to create aspects of the subject matter. The transformation through making and then firing of the ceramic work adds an additional aspect of excitement. Some of my recent ceramic work has been loosely inspired by ancient Cucuteni Pottery, where some patterns are applied to follow the inside to the outside of the bowls.

I find looking at natural forms and textures hugely inspirational. I love drawing patterns, so it seems a natural progression to use patterns on organic ceramic forms. I make mainly non-functional ceramics and through extensive study during my Ceramics Degree and my Masters, I have learnt an array of techniques: throwing and different types of hand building, spraying, painting, print making, paper resist, glazing and many more.

For more information about Carmen and her work click here to see her Harrow Open Studios’ artist page. 

For commissions please email or contact me at:
M: 07779223804