Artist of the Week: Colette Moscrop

I design and hand screen print onto linen and cotton fabrics for use in embroidery and sewing projects. I practice slow stitching and appreciate the benefits this meditative process brings. I encourage other makers to add their own personality to my fabric through stitch, appliqué and quilting in order to make their own useable textile treasures for their home.

Using rich colours my simplistic designs have a retro feel to them. I take inspiration from the 1920s – 50s, architecture and urban nature. I hand draw all my designs and enjoy drawing with thread as part of the design process. I design and produce a range of home accessories such as purses, eye pillows and tea towels, these are beautiful additions to the home, designed to be used freely while adding a little luxury to everyday life.

Passing traditional skills onto others is vital to keep skills alive for future generations. I run screen printing and sewing workshops and encourage others to turn to these hobbies as a way of connecting with the moment and spending some time away from fast pace of modern life.

You can see more of my work on my Harrow Open Studios page here and my fabrics and accessories can be bought online, head to my website to learn more.