Artist of the Week: Helena Thomas

I would describe myself as a city dwelling country girl – whilst spending many years working in London following a career in publishing design, as a farmer’s daughter my heart is fuelled by all things natural, and hand crafted. I work from my cabin studio, next to an unkempt plant and creature filled pond at the bottom of my garden, I am both calmed and driven by the natural beauty that surrounds me.

As an experienced designer and art director, I have worked across a broad range of magazines over the years – from client-based contract publishing to fast paced newspaper weeklies, from glossy interior monthlies to glamorous haute-couture and stylish textile specials.

After more than decade of raising a family and exploring other areas of art and design, such as print making and ceramics, I am growing these budding creative seeds while also nurturing other people’s creative ideas. I became involved in education nearly a decade ago and am currently working in two prestigious schools in the area, supporting our young local creatives to expand and explore their minds and ideas. Every day is like a foundation course when you support young minds over the course of their learning and creating… and I LOVE it!

For more information about Helena visit her Harrow Open Studios page here.