Adele Cloony

Mixed Media, Textile

Adele Cloony is a London based artist who trained in both visual and internal martial arts. Embodying energy and spirit through the brush onto paper, she mindfully combines both considered and spontaneous free flowing gestural marks to express her inner dialogue. She sees many parallels with her painting and Tai Chi practice, one of them being that: “They are both forms of moving meditation. Being in the present moment, by quieting the mind, with no mind contemplating emptiness, connecting mind and body, becoming one with all things – no separateness but all interconnected.” Predominantly using traditional oversized Chinese brushes, incorporating essences of ancient philosophies, together with contemporary mediums, connecting mind, body and breath to create her artwork.

Studio No. 5

105 North View Pinner HA5 1PY

Eastcote tube/ 398, 282 bus

Open 11am – 5pm on:

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