Nicole Lyster – N L Ceramics

Ceramic Artist

Nicole works in her garden studio using a variety of clays; stoneware, earthenware, porcelain and crank, in as many different ways as she can envisage; throwing, slab building, coil building and sculpting. She mixes her own glazes using oxides and stains to colour them. She likes to try out different glaze methods; dipping, spraying, painting and wax resist. Such a variety of materials and methods results in a variety of ceramic pieces; functional, sculptural, fun and serious, but all made with care and consideration of the final piece.

Nicole’s work reflects her life caring for two children with cystic fibrosis. To be successful (and sane) in this situation one must be flexible and rigid at the same time, with infinite patience, an enormous sense of humour and an appreciation of the importance of fun whilst dealing with serious situations.

To buy or commission a piece you can go through her website and she will welcome the opportunity to go on a clay adventure together.

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