Palak Patel

Painter / Mixed Media Artist

Contemporary artist Palak Patel finds inspiration from her Indian heritage and from everyday observed patterns and shapes. The artist’s process favours acrylics and mixed media such as modelling paste and gel which is applied in thick textural strokes that give her artworks a rich, three dimensional quality. Gold and silver leaf is another important element for Palak’s artworks, a signature statement that adds texture and reflections of light which change depending on the time of day you are observing the piece. 

Palak is continuously experimenting with materials to find new ways to express texture on canvas and endeavours to evoke feelings from the art she creates.

Studio 34

5 Old Hatch Manor
Ruislip HA4 8QG

Tube: Ruislip, Ruislip Manor
Bus: H13, 398, 114
Parking: Off-street parking available

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