Site for testing the colours and legibility of a page:

Heading Text is Economica

Body text is Open Sans

The logo font (only in the logo) is Geometria.

Colour Palette 24 October 2022
Magenta #EC008C


orange #F15A30 #142D72
#FFDC09 #00B5CC

Just to see how the magenta heading looks in Economica

This is teal… with black text.

This is normal text on teal …

Try this …

Better with dark grey

This is some text

Colour contrasts that ‘pass’

Blue text

Blue text <h1>

‘Black’ (logo shade of black) text

‘Black’ (logo shade of black) <h1>

Orange text <h1>

Magenta <h1>

This is magenta + white as a heading

Blue with white

Magenta out of black heading
(seems a bit hard tho)

Test heading blue with yellow highlight
(i don’t like it much tho – I know I like yellow, but feels a but public service)

Magenta ‘normal size’ text Fails by 4.9%, so not tooooo bad, but shouldn’t be key text

This is magenta + white normal text — this needs to improve by 4.9% so would maybe be OK in small doses

Orange + white text <h1>

The below combinations are no-starters, for your info

Orange + white text as above, improve by 34%

Orange text Doesn’t like this – need to increase contrast by 34%

Blue back + pink – this a no

Magenta + yellow — no go

Magenta + yellow <h1>

Orange with blue text — total fail