Inspired by Music, I paint life.

Music is a universal medium, connecting to the hearts of humanity, free from the bounds of language, culture and creed. It has an extraordinary power to soothe, heal and regale.

Music is close to my heart. I enjoy painting with music playing in the background. Gradually, the influence of music grew on me and I took to painting music itself.

I developed a visual grammar and syntax for depicting music on canvas. And started singing my own melodies through colours.

The essence of music appears on my canvas, utilising harmonious mixtures of colours representing tonal harmony, wave motion – the rhythm, and the progression – the eventual merging of the notes into the infinity of time and space.

Over the years, I realized that the rhythms are not unique to music- one finds them in entire universe. That set me out on an extended trip of exploration in nature, in life and even in human emotions!

That explains my art.

I hope my art spreads lasting message of harmony, peace and positivity to my audience and to humanity in general.

To buy my art please contact me on email or whatsapp.
Email –
Whatsapp – 07398036070

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As a watercolourist I have shown my work with the Royal Society of Marine Artists for many years and  I have been a member of the Society of Women Artists since 2000.

My inspiration comes from the outside world, usually the coast of Cornwall but more often than not a picture from my sketchbook. I have always enjoyed painting with watercolour, but recently I have moved into acrylics including mixed media.

Collage is a favourite and though it takes more time it brings another dimension to my work.

My contact is

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To see more of Sian’s work have a look at her Harrow Open Studios’ page here, and for further information please contact Sian on

Sian Fenwick is a mixed media, fabric, paper and community artist.

I am inspired by vintage suitcases overflowing with memories, keepsakes and heirlooms. Sewing boxes filled to the brim with old haberdashery, albums of sepia photographs and a nostalgic childhood of nursery rhymes and storybooks.

Sian is interested in the way that small fragments of lace, colour or image can evoke nostalgic memories. By visiting antique fairs and junk shops to collect her treasures she gathers inspirations from the intriguing discarded fragments that offer a secret past.

I stitch, collage and journal using my vintage haberdasheries and nostalgic ephemera. I add my own narrative to the collection of precious finds by collaging in distressed layers suggesting passing time. My artwork is thread painted with machine or handstitched often giving it a painterly like quality.

Sian gained a BA (Hons) from the University of Hertfordshire she exhibits and sells her artwork locally and overseas. Artist in Residence at the Watford Grammar School for Girls for eight years she now teaches for various community groups including the Embroiderers Guild, Mencap, ASCEND Charity UK and Three Rivers District Council. Sian also conducts workshops via Zoom, at artist retreats and from her home studio.

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