Artist of the Week: Kim Davies

I am a ceramicist. I hand-built stoneware pieces, ranging from original, functional food safe serving bowls to sculptural pieces. A lot of my inspiration for my shapes, colours and textures are from the colours of the ocean and the corals found there.

My more modern swirl collections, are inspired by movement, and the lines of motion created when spinning. I don’t throw my pieces on a wheel. I love creating shapes and texture using moulds to start and then letting the shapes form, using coils, my hands and different tools to create shapes and texture.

Before I had my children, I was a graphic designer, working in advertising. Once I had my kids, I missed the creative outlet I had when working and decided to take an evening adult pottery class. This is when my love of pottery/ ceramics began… and I haven’t looked back!

I love creating an object, whether it is a functional bowl or a weird but interesting sculptural piece, which all started with just a ball of clay!

I can be contacted via:
Instagram: @kimdaviespottery
Facebook @kimceramicsuk
Mobile +447931346266