Easter Holiday Camp with Smita Sonthalia

2020 was the year that the world as we knew it, was suspended due to the global pandemic. After a year spent following strict rules and guidance restricting movement, Project 21 documents Harrow residents as they began to exit another lockdown, to get a sense of how they coped and its effects. Shot in the Summer of 2021, the aim of the project aim was to collect the stories of the people of Harrow in lockdown and create an archive which could be seen by residents and wider audiences. These stories have been collated into an archive and are now being exhibited alongside photographic portraits so you can see the people behind the stories.

The exhibition runs from Friday 3 December 2021 until Friday14 January 2022.

Photographer: June Cadogan

Website: www.junecadogan.com

Instagram: @juneacad

Image © June Cadogan 2021