@Headstone Manor Museum

Running alongside our main Open Studios event
the showcase is open for the whole of June:

31 May – 3 July 2022
Open Tues to Sun
10am-4pm (last entry at 3.30pm)
@ Headstone Manor & Museum
Headstone Recreation Ground, Pinner View, HA2 6PX

Co-curated with Headstone Manor & Museum, we invite you to explore the variety of artistic practice within the Harrow Open Studios’ artistic community in the beautiful, historic Manor House.

Within the many rooms in the Manor, you will find pieces by a selection of our artists each reflecting their individual practice. The work complements the Museum and demonstrates how the art of Harrow comes in many different styles and mediums.

There is something for everyone and it’s all on your doorstep!

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‘Harrow Arts Centre” EXHIBITION by Jonathan

Jonathan is having an exhibition of his artwork at the Harrow Arts Centre from the 10th of June to the 10th of August. It is in two parts in the ‘White Gallery’  where he is showing a retrospective of my 20 years of work done over twenty years that he has attended  Cheryl’s Life Classes.

In the corridors ,he is showing the WW1 inspired pacifist artworks he did as part of the 1914-1918 Centenary . Also ,however, there will be the newer artworks on the theme of ‘The Daughters of our New Jerusalem’ focusing on the suffering in our modern word and particularly of innocent women and children.

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“I make sculptures and drawings inspired by the colour, movement and diverse quirkiness of the sea’s fragile gardens. My practice is centred around the tactile process of manipulating and stitching into a variety of media; juxtaposing contrasting textures.”

Contact details are available in the bio: @not_enough_yellow or Samantha-harvey.com.

I also run stitching and mentoring workshops, primarily for children and young people: @stitch.sam or www.stitch.club

#textileart #textilesculpture #contemporarytextiles #mixedmediaart #mixedmediatextiles #textileartist  #sculpture #embroidery #sculpturaltextiles

For more information about Sam visit her Harrow Open Studios page here.

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Harinder is an exciting and versatile artist whose genres span portraiture, landscape and still life. Her beautiful watercolours and oils range from the subtle and thoughtful to the vibrant and dynamic. 

In 2022, Harinder decided to take a break from teaching and is now fully immersed in developing her own work. She has a particular interest in faces and people, believing that the painted portrait speaks to people in a way that the written word and photography cannot.

About her work, Harinder says,

“I have always been an observer. There is nothing I like more than sitting observing faces – seeing the way the light falls, where the shadows are and imaging how I would capture this in paint. As the philosopher Aristotle has been attributed to say “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance; for this, and not the external mannerism and detail, is true art.” 

This has always resonated with me, as I have striven for depth in my painting, rather than surface.”

For more information about Harinder visit her Harrow Open Studios page here.

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My drawings are the threads that weave my ideas together and breathe life into my sculpture.  I work with a variety of media including glass, often based on mythological themes, reflecting my interest in theatre, dance, masks and magic. 

To book for my Hosted Life Drawing sessions online:

E: cherylgouldartist@gmail.com
W: www.cheryl-gould.com
I: @artistcherylgould
F: @LifeDrawingWithCheryl
F: @LifeDrawingWithCherylGroup

For more information about Cheryl visit her Harrow Open Studios page here.

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I would describe myself as a city dwelling country girl – whilst spending many years working in London following a career in publishing design, as a farmer’s daughter my heart is fuelled by all things natural, and hand crafted. I work from my cabin studio, next to an unkempt plant and creature filled pond at the bottom of my garden, I am both calmed and driven by the natural beauty that surrounds me.

As an experienced designer and art director, I have worked across a broad range of magazines over the years – from client-based contract publishing to fast paced newspaper weeklies, from glossy interior monthlies to glamorous haute-couture and stylish textile specials.

After more than decade of raising a family and exploring other areas of art and design, such as print making and ceramics, I am growing these budding creative seeds while also nurturing other people’s creative ideas. I became involved in education nearly a decade ago and am currently working in two prestigious schools in the area, supporting our young local creatives to expand and explore their minds and ideas. Every day is like a foundation course when you support young minds over the course of their learning and creating… and I LOVE it!

For more information about Helena visit her Harrow Open Studios page here.

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Ashima juxtaposes graphic simplicity with painterly strokes. Her work is based on conceptual art and shows some attributes of expressionism, surrealism and feminism, and is blended with spiritual and psychological content.

Website: www.ashimaart.com

About the woman series

The woman series is symbolises the inner-strength of girls and women, their resilience, and their ability to change and affect change in the lives of those around them.

For more information about Ashima visit her Harrow Open Studios page here.

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Kerry is a freelance illustrator working out of her studio at Harrow Arts Centre, Hatch End.  She creates custom illustrations for a variety of uses and always welcomes new opportunities to collaborate.

Her designs are inspired by the spontaneous fluid splashy nature of watercolour and the feelings of freedom, energy and grace in dance.

For more information about Kerry visit her Harrow Open Studios page here.

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