mixed media

Mixed Media, Textile

Adele Cloony is a London based artist who trained in both visual and internal martial arts. Embodying energy and spirit through the brush onto paper, she mindfully combines both considered and spontaneous free flowing gestural marks to express her inner dialogue. She sees many parallels with her painting and Tai Chi practice, one of them being that: “They are both forms of moving meditation. Being in the present moment, by quieting the mind, with no mind contemplating emptiness, connecting mind and body, becoming one with all things – no separateness but all interconnected.” Predominantly using traditional oversized Chinese brushes, incorporating essences of ancient philosophies, together with contemporary mediums, connecting mind, body and breath to create her artwork.

Studio No. 5

105 North View Pinner HA5 1PY

Transport details

Eastcote tube/ 398, 282 bus

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Mixed Media, Textile

Sian is inspired by vintage suitcases overflowing with keepsakes, childhood memories and nature “I stitch and collage to achieve a painterly like quality with wonky edges, wavy lines and rogue stitches” My artwork is created from new and recycled fabric, paper and embellishments.

Sian is not opening her studio in 2023

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E: sianfenwick@hotmail.com
W: sianfenwick.co.uk
I: @sianfenwickart
F: @sian.fenwick.7
T: 020 8950 2925/ 07950 306321

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Painter, Photographic Art, Designer, Collage, Mixed Media

Having lived in Kenya, UK, Singapore and India, Ketna has been widely acclaimed for converting her Global insights into a compelling visual vocabulary that has injected a fresh counter expression to the predominantly western dominated narrative of World Art.

Using different cultures and historical events, Ketna juxtaposes mythological characters, Gods, political icons and the common man on the same canvas. There is a fresh romance between the old and the new, breaking through stringent cultural, political, and class boundaries that have dominated the world for centuries.

This colourful and confident visual language has been applied onto Art, Fashion, Furniture … virtually on any surface imaginable!

Studio 13

10 September Way
Stanmore, HA7 2SG

Tube: Stanmore
Bus: 324, 142, H12
Parking: Free on road parking

Artist talk:
Western & Asian POP Art: Sat 10th June, 3-5 pm
The relevance of Popular & Street Culture for strengthening Identity & Community in London suburbs; Sat 17th June, 3-5 pm
Free Refreshments will be served. Please RSVP for attendance.
Email Id: contact@ketnapatel.com, mob: 07982654310

Open 11am – 5pm on:

Sat 03Sun 04Mon 05Tue 06Wed 07Thur 08Fri 09Sat 10Sun 11Mon 12Tues 13Weds 14Thurs 15Fri 16Sat 17Sun 18

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E: contact@ketnapatel.com
I: @ketnapatel
F: @Ketna.Patel.Studio
T: 07982654310
P : @Ketnapatel

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Painter / Mixed Media

Gill creates energetic, exciting abstract art in acrylics on panels, paper and canvas. Working intuitively, but always mindful of brushstrokes, mark making and composition, Gill’s each piece undergoes many changes as decisions are made and the painting builds up. Risk playing is a big part of her creative process, always leading to interesting conclusions.

Studio 6

13 Harlech Gardens

Tube: Rayners Lane /Pinner
Bus: H12
Parking: Free on street parking.

Open 11am – 5pm on:

Sat 03Sun 04Mon 05Tue 06Wed 07Thur 08Fri 09Sat 10Sun 11Mon 12Tues 13Weds 14Thurs 15Fri 16Sat 17Sun 18

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E: info@gillwrenart.com
W: https://www.gillwrenart.com
I: @gillwrenart
F: @gillwrenart
M: 07814036969

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Painter / Illustrator/ Designer / Drawing / Mixed Media / Photographic Art

Kota has 2 ongoing series:
The Urban Swine Series shows the diminishing landscapes with greedy need for urbanisation and concretisation of living spaces.
The Ladder Series is an interpretation of his dreams: vanishing steps and ladders.

Kota has been greatly inspired by Salvador Dali and MC Escher. His website shows a smattering of creative work including advertising, graphic design, photography (advertising and fine art), wood work, installation art.

Studio 15

The Stables
31 West Drive
off Lakeland Close
Harrow Weald HA3 6TX

Bus: 182 Harrow Weald bus station, H12 Uxbridge Road
Train/Tube: Hatch End, Harrow & Wealdstone
Parking: Free on road

Open 11am – 5pm on:

Sat 03Sun 04Mon 05Tue 06Wed 07Thur 08Fri 09Sat 10Sun 11Mon 12Tues 13Weds 14Thurs 15Fri 16Sat 17Sun 18

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Illustrator / Painter / Designer / Mixed Media

Antonella is a mixed media artist and illustrator, working on various projects including book and product illustrations, hand painted gifts and portrait commissions.

She believes that creativity is the key to our inner well-being and that it connects us to our true self.

Studio 4

Studio 3, Harrow Arts Centre
171 Uxbridge Rd
Hatch End HA5 4EA

Train: Hatch End
Bus: H114, H12
Parking: Free in car park

Open 11am – 5pm on:

Sat 03Sun 04Mon 05Tue 06Wed 07Thur 08Fri 09Sat 10Sun 11Mon 12Tues 13Weds 14Thurs 15Fri 16Sat 17Sun 18

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Glass / Mixed Media / Jweller

Tammy is a skilled mixed media artist, working in glass, freemotion and hand embroidery.
Inspired by nature, Tammy creates eye catching decorative pieces for the home and unique jewellery.

Tammy is not opening her studio in 2023

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E: tammart@hotmail.co.uk
I: @not_enough_yellow
M: 07592 600824

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Mixed Media Doodle Artist

Ashima Kumar is a visual artist working at the cutting edge of Graphic Design and Fine Art after completing her degree in applied arts (BFA). Her style is a unique fusion of doodle art with traditional styles and digital media. Inspired by the traditional art forms and natural patterns, Ashima juxtaposes graphic simplicity with painterly strokes. Her work is based on conceptual art and shows some attributes of expressionism, surrealism and feminism, and is blended with spiritual and psychological content.

Her serene artworks aim to “penetrate the deepest part of us where no words exist.”

She uses graphic forms and colour emotively as a translation of her dreams and private feelings. Always looking to transmute the experiential into visible patterns and abstract forms, Ashima sees her artistic practice as threefold: “dream, doodle, design.” Her artworks are spontaneous, as though she has transmitted her feelings directly onto paper through the mere act of breathing. The viewer in turn is drawn to the intricacy of details travelling into a discovery land.

She is inspired by nature and her expressionist works reveal the messages, that her communion with nature brings forth. She is deeply interested; in the way patterns are formed naturally and are a form of representation.

Ashima produces fine artworks and runs ‘Doodle Art Workshops for Mindfulness’. She utilises elements from this style to impart tools for well-being. Ashima’s workshops help participants to discover unconscious thoughts, improve focus, reduce stress and boost creativity.


Ashima will not be opening her studio in 2024

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Mixed Media Artist

Informed by drawing, playing and experimenting, Sam makes sculptures, drawings and collages. The colour, movement and diverse quirkiness of the fragile gardens of the seas are her inspiration.

Sam’s practice is centred around the tactile process of manipulating and stitching into a variety of media; juxtaposing contrasting textures to construct and layer. She is compelled to collect, combine and work into diverse materials.

Sam also runs art and textile clubs for kids and adults, there will be an opportunity to see some of the creative work from these clubs and workshops.

Studio 32

46 Love Lane
Pinner HA5 3EX

Tube: Pinner
Bus: 183, H11, H12
Parking: Free on street, except Mon-Fri 11am-12noon

Open 11am – 5pm on:

Sat 08Sun 09Mon 10Tue 11Wed 12Thu 13Fri 14Sat 15Sun 16Mon 17Tue 18Wed 19Thu 20Fri 21Sat 22Sun 23

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Jeweller, Painter, Designer, Mixed Media

Shalini describes herself as a ‘Creative Experimentalist.’ She says, ‘For me creativity is a journey of experimentation and exploration. The process is as important as the end result. Whether it’s painting, digital design or jewellery making, I rarely start with a preconceived idea. I like to see where the material and momentum take me.’

Talking about her work Shalini says, ‘As a contemporary artist, I enjoy still life, abstract, figurative, landscape work and stylised portraiture. In my still life paintings, I like playing with intense areas of light and shade and contrasting that with the subtlety of translucent objects like glass vases and ornaments. Recently I have found old doors very interesting subjects to paint. As an artist I find the intriguing duality of what lies beyond or what lies within fascinating. Capturing the character and personality of an old weather-beaten door is like portraiture. Every scar, scrape, groove and ornament provide endless opportunity for visual story telling.

I use a mix of acrylic paint, liquid charcoal, graphite pencil and high pigment inks to create textural and visual layering in my paintings. I also work in watercolour and gouache.’

Shalini is passionate about design and has a love for all things handmade, jewellery being one of them. Shalini has created her own jewellery brand called HUTKE – a collection of statement gemstone jewellery. Each piece is original and handmade to order in limited edition. Shalini enjoys creating bespoke statement pieces and describes her jewellery as ‘Wearable Art’.

Studio 19

68 Northwood Way
Northwood HA6 1RU

Tube: Northwood Hills
Bus: H13
Parking: Free on street, except Mon-Fri 1-2pm

Open 11am – 5pm on:

Sat 03Sun 04Mon 05Tue 06Wed 07Thur 08Fri 09Sat 10Sun 11Mon 12Tues 13Weds 14Thurs 15Fri 16Sat 17Sun 18

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