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I was born in Italy, graduated from university in Milano and have a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from Aberdeen College of Education. Later I received a Diploma in Fine Art from Hertfordshire University. I have worked as a language teacher both in Italy and in the UK.

I make paintings (mainly in oil and acrylics) inspired by poetry (especially that of T.S.Eliot), nature, memory, myths and geometry, but also still life and portraits.

Drawing is a continuous interest and the basics for all I do in art. A more recent interest is also making artists books.

You can find out more on my Harrow Open Studios page here and my website address is:

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I had my introduction to pottery almost by chance when I enrolled for an evening class at the local college, I very soon found myself completely addicted to the medium and its versatility. When I sat at the potter’s wheel for the first time, I was mesmerised by its soothing effect on my mind. Several years on, pottery is my treat and my escape from the busy modern life.

My work is mostly thrown stoneware vessels; I prefer making functional objects that can be used for everyday life. I like sitting at my wheel and letting my hands create an object. I sometimes like to modify the shape of this thrown pieces by carving into it at leather hard stage or using glazes to accentuate the maker’s marks.

My inspiration comes from nature, Japanese and Italian pottery tradition but also from the work of all the artists that work around me.

To see more of my work have a look at my Harrow Open Studios Page here.

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I design and hand screen print onto linen and cotton fabrics for use in embroidery and sewing projects. I practice slow stitching and appreciate the benefits this meditative process brings. I encourage other makers to add their own personality to my fabric through stitch, appliqué and quilting in order to make their own useable textile treasures for their home.

Using rich colours my simplistic designs have a retro feel to them. I take inspiration from the 1920s – 50s, architecture and urban nature. I hand draw all my designs and enjoy drawing with thread as part of the design process. I design and produce a range of home accessories such as purses, eye pillows and tea towels, these are beautiful additions to the home, designed to be used freely while adding a little luxury to everyday life.

Passing traditional skills onto others is vital to keep skills alive for future generations. I run screen printing and sewing workshops and encourage others to turn to these hobbies as a way of connecting with the moment and spending some time away from fast pace of modern life.

You can see more of my work on my Harrow Open Studios page here and my fabrics and accessories can be bought online, head to my website to learn more.

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As an elected member of the Royal Society of Sculptors I continue my passion for working with the human form as a starting point for most of my creative output. Materials include found objects, ceramics, bronze, glass, and prints. I work in my garden studio.

My drawings are the threads that weave my ideas together; I draw constantly to express my ideas so that life can be breathed into my sculpture. Themes reflect my interest in athletics, dance, theatre, masks, myths and magic. Size of drawings and sculpture varies from hand held to life size. I enjoy pushing boundaries within my work.

I exhibit widely on a regular basis. I have work in public and private collections and invite commissions. My 5ft Holocaust Memorial for Edgware Synagogue was my first public sculpture commission.

I enjoy managing projects involving my local Community: I am a Founder member of Harrow Open Studios and am currently President of The Harrow Art Society.

As a longstanding experienced Tutor for life drawing at the Harrow Art Centre I have had access to wonderful models over the years who now collaborate with me via Zoom for my new live online life classes since Lockdown. You can find out more about these on the dedicated Facebook page here: @artistcherylgould.

For more information about Cheryl click here to look at her Harrow Open Studios’ artist page.
You can contact Cheryl here:
F: @cheryl.gould2
I: @artistcherylgould
T: @cherylgouldart

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The world is pregnant with possibility …

My artwork takes inspiration from an array of things, often drawing on personal experiences and emotions, as well as the organic quality of nature, found textures and patterns. Reflecting on these experiences of places, objects or events, the artwork becomes a metaphorical expression of them. A variety of mediums, such as photography, drawing, printing and ceramics are used and often combined to create my artworks.

My process is to test and explore ways to create aspects of the subject matter. The transformation through making and then firing of the ceramic work adds an additional aspect of excitement. Some of my recent ceramic work has been loosely inspired by ancient Cucuteni Pottery, where some patterns are applied to follow the inside to the outside of the bowls.

I find looking at natural forms and textures hugely inspirational. I love drawing patterns, so it seems a natural progression to use patterns on organic ceramic forms. I make mainly non-functional ceramics and through extensive study during my Ceramics Degree and my Masters, I have learnt an array of techniques: throwing and different types of hand building, spraying, painting, print making, paper resist, glazing and many more.

For more information about Carmen and her work click here to see her Harrow Open Studios’ artist page. 

For commissions please email or contact me at:
M: 07779223804

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Jane has many years of experience working in silver, copper and brass. She enjoys making contemporary jewellery, and takes inspiration from nature and her surroundings as well as visiting museums and galleries.  She is fascinated by museum artefacts which  influence her work, and are subtly translated into timeless and stylish pieces, each one eminently wearable.

Shape and form are important to her, and she often textures metal with lace, whilst using traditional silversmithing and textile techniques.

Jane regularly attends courses to keep abreast of essential skills and new techniques.

She sells her work at Harrow Open Studios and local craft fairs.

For more information about Jane and her work click here to look at her Harrow Open Studios’ artist page. 

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Jonathan’s thoughts on his latest work

“Perhaps because of the pandemic my imagination has taken a turn towards Momento Mori, the medieval idea presenting images of the dead to remind one to live a virtuous life so as to obtain salvation.

I think the present calamity has had a similar effect on our society as the Black Death did on 14th Century Europe (when Momento Mori themes were popular). So, like others, this year, I have been conscious that as artists we should respond to this new ’Zeitgeist’ that is now forming our consciousness. I became fascinated by ‘Bog Bodies’, the remains of people which have been found in peat bogs in, Denmark, Ireland and in Cheshire, Northern England.

Archaeologists believe that the bodies are the result of deliberately sacrificed victims placed in the peat bogs in the Iron Age, as part of fertility rituals and in times of crisis. The preservative properties of peat being apparent and thought to keep the sacrificed victims between ‘our’ world and the next – in a sort of in-between place – in limbo.

In response, I have started making paintings: portraits of the long dead. Based on the archaeological photographs, but  also the feeling of being drawn to acquaint myself with people who lived in the time of Christ, Julius Caesar or the British Queen Boudica: to try to engage visually with distant ancestors and stimulate my ‘collective unconsciousness’ in a Jungian sense.

Much of my work is not intended for a domestic setting. I hope to show my latest work in Exhibitions and hope to attract new patrons or collectors more generally.

For more information about Jonathan and his work click here to see his Harrow Open Studio’s artist profile.
If you are interested in contacting Jonathan, get in touch:


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