Ceramicist / Woodwork

Studio potters Adamina and Adrian aim to create tableware and cookware that is both beautiful and functional. They love an earthy modern rustic feel and let the beauty of wood and earth shine through in their products.

All ceramics are hand thrown by Adamina in their ceramics studio on a potters wheel and glazes are hand mixed to their own recipes. They use both electric and gas kiln to fire their work.

All their woodwork is made in their workshop by Adrian from sustainably sourced wood. Much of the wood has been sourced from Adamina’s grandmothers’s orchard in Resko, Poland

Studio 17

644 Kenton Lane
Harrow HA3 7LG

Tube: Harrow & Wealdstone
Bus: H18, H19, 186
Parking: Free on road parking

Open 11am – 5pm on:

Sat 08Sun 09Mon 10Tue 11Wed 12Thu 13Fri 14Sat 15Sun 16Mon 17Tue 18Wed 19Thu 20Fri 21Sat 22Sun 23

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I would describe myself as a city dwelling country girl – whilst spending many years working in London following a career in publishing design, as a farmer’s daughter my heart is fuelled by all things natural, and hand crafted. I work from my cabin studio, next to an unkempt plant and creature filled pond at the bottom of my garden, I am both calmed and driven by the natural beauty that surrounds me.

As an experienced designer and art director, I have worked across a broad range of magazines over the years – from client-based contract publishing to fast paced newspaper weeklies, from glossy interior monthlies to glamorous haute-couture and stylish textile specials.

After more than decade of raising a family and exploring other areas of art and design, such as print making and ceramics, I am growing these budding creative seeds while also nurturing other people’s creative ideas. I became involved in education nearly a decade ago and am currently working in two prestigious schools in the area, supporting our young local creatives to expand and explore their minds and ideas. Every day is like a foundation course when you support young minds over the course of their learning and creating… and I LOVE it!

For more information about Helena visit her Harrow Open Studios page here.

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Hello I am N L Ceramics, it stands for: Nicole Lyster making pots 😊  I work in my tiny garden studio in Harrow creating all things made of clay.  I like my ceramics to be fun whether they are functional or sculptural, and I like them to have a story associated with their creation.  It might be an educational story about how I make and glaze them, a social story about why they came into existence, or a psychological story about how their creation helps me process the events that affect my life.  You can find more about me and my work on my Instagram page @nlceramics and through my website

For more information about Nicole visit her Harrow Open Studios’ artist page here.

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I am a ceramicist. I hand-built stoneware pieces, ranging from original, functional food safe serving bowls to sculptural pieces. A lot of my inspiration for my shapes, colours and textures are from the colours of the ocean and the corals found there.

My more modern swirl collections, are inspired by movement, and the lines of motion created when spinning. I don’t throw my pieces on a wheel. I love creating shapes and texture using moulds to start and then letting the shapes form, using coils, my hands and different tools to create shapes and texture.

Before I had my children, I was a graphic designer, working in advertising. Once I had my kids, I missed the creative outlet I had when working and decided to take an evening adult pottery class. This is when my love of pottery/ ceramics began… and I haven’t looked back!

I love creating an object, whether it is a functional bowl or a weird but interesting sculptural piece, which all started with just a ball of clay!

I can be contacted via:
Instagram: @kimdaviespottery
Facebook @kimceramicsuk
Mobile +447931346266

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I had my introduction to pottery almost by chance when I enrolled for an evening class at the local college, I very soon found myself completely addicted to the medium and its versatility. When I sat at the potter’s wheel for the first time, I was mesmerised by its soothing effect on my mind. Several years on, pottery is my treat and my escape from the busy modern life.

My work is mostly thrown stoneware vessels; I prefer making functional objects that can be used for everyday life. I like sitting at my wheel and letting my hands create an object. I sometimes like to modify the shape of this thrown pieces by carving into it at leather hard stage or using glazes to accentuate the maker’s marks.

My inspiration comes from nature, Japanese and Italian pottery tradition but also from the work of all the artists that work around me.

To see more of my work have a look at my Harrow Open Studios Page here.

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