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I create British botanical jewellery and keepsakes which originated from my children picking flowers from the garden and wanting to encapsulate the moment in something beautiful to wear. I use my own collection of flowers to create one-off pieces and take my clients special items, to create their own keepsakes, to save their memories in wearable pieces.

Growing up in rural Leicestershire, I was taught by my gran how to grow flowers. Now living in London, I have taken my small plot and turned it into a flower haven where many of my pieces start from seed. Throughout the year, I pick and dry my flowers which I then arrange in glass spheres with cocktail sticks and tweezers before sealing them from the elements in either silver or gold.

For more information about Lizzy visit her Harrow Open Studios page here.

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Contemporary artist Palak Patel finds inspiration from her heritage and from everyday observed patterns and shapes.  She enjoys working on large canvases with acrylics, gold and silver leaf along with heavy textures, resulting in light and depth in her pieces.

For enquiries, sales and commissions please contact palak by email or through her Instagram account @palakpatelart

For more information about Palak visit her Harrow Open Studios’ artist page here.

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Recent work using photographic prints (cyanotype) on paper or fabric. I’m also using gold leaf with painted inks or watercolours and incised lines and cut out collaged elements. I’ve been studying maps of North Wales where my family are from and these topographic elements feature in this work.

How to contact me DM on Instagram katethomas_20

or email

For more information about Kate visit her Harrow Open Studios page here.

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Hello I am N L Ceramics, it stands for: Nicole Lyster making pots 😊  I work in my tiny garden studio in Harrow creating all things made of clay.  I like my ceramics to be fun whether they are functional or sculptural, and I like them to have a story associated with their creation.  It might be an educational story about how I make and glaze them, a social story about why they came into existence, or a psychological story about how their creation helps me process the events that affect my life.  You can find more about me and my work on my Instagram page @nlceramics and through my website

For more information about Nicole visit her Harrow Open Studios’ artist page here.

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I am a ceramicist. I hand-built stoneware pieces, ranging from original, functional food safe serving bowls to sculptural pieces. A lot of my inspiration for my shapes, colours and textures are from the colours of the ocean and the corals found there.

My more modern swirl collections, are inspired by movement, and the lines of motion created when spinning. I don’t throw my pieces on a wheel. I love creating shapes and texture using moulds to start and then letting the shapes form, using coils, my hands and different tools to create shapes and texture.

Before I had my children, I was a graphic designer, working in advertising. Once I had my kids, I missed the creative outlet I had when working and decided to take an evening adult pottery class. This is when my love of pottery/ ceramics began… and I haven’t looked back!

I love creating an object, whether it is a functional bowl or a weird but interesting sculptural piece, which all started with just a ball of clay!

I can be contacted via:
Instagram: @kimdaviespottery
Facebook @kimceramicsuk
Mobile +447931346266

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In 2020 I received the Ian Wright Graphic Award for my artwork Four Seasons from Harrow Art Society’s President, Cheryl Gould.

I believe creativity is the key to our inner self and well-being and that it connects us to our true self.

I developed a passion for drawing at an early age with a special fascination for people and surrealistic, fantasy imagery. I use a variety of media, including acrylic, pastel, watercolour pencils, and inks. My style is a mixture of different techniques, I particularly enjoy drawing which allows me to create images in a way that I can express the beauty and the unseen that lie beyond conventional forms.

I work on various projects, including book/product illustrations and portrait commissions. I am also the author and illustrator of the children’s book Dreams in a Box, published on Amazon in 2016, which supported children in need charities.

I have been teaching in different educational backgrounds for over 20 years, promoting self-expression and creativity. I also worked as a fashion designer and illustrator in Italy. I am a member of different art societies and my work has been displayed at their annual exhibitions and featured in local newspapers and magazines.

For more information about Antonella visit her website : or email her:

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Working from my studio in Harrow, I use mixed media including glass, semi-precious stones, silver, metals, copper foiling and leading to create unique pieces. I enjoy recycling old items like china, silver cutlery and glass bottles and incorporating them in my art. My other passion is creating art with fabrics and embroidery.

Influenced and inspired by the natural world around me I explore colour, texture and light. I am fascinated by the way glass is transformed in the kiln.

My work is a constant search for the best way I can interpret my ideas. I enjoy the challenge of learning new techniques and working with different mediums which allow me to express different ideas and explore deeper into a subject.

For more information about Tammy visit her Harrow Open Studios page here or email her:

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I am an Australian artist living and working in Pinner. I create mixed media sculptures and drawings, usually incorporating stitch. My inspiration is found through looking and drawing and from the variety of bits and bobs I collect. Each piece evolves through the tactile process of combining materials with contrasting textures and origins. A piece may start with drawings and imagination but as stitches are added the unique personality of each emerges.

You can see more of my work on my website at or on Instagram : @notenoughyellow

For more information about Samantha visit her Harrow Open Studios page here.

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